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The Grinnin Cynic

First off, I am too old for this, but I am going to do it anyway. I am a 77 year old a Vietnam veteran who ,as you can tell by the title , has become cynical. I have ptsd and deal with it thru with humor, an understanding wife, fellow veterans and until recently always having one or two dogs in my life. I also write poetry ( or rhymes depending how you look at it) to get things out of my system or to make a point. Most of my friends say I do not think like normal people.

Many of my blogs will be on current topics and might have a poem or two , until I catch up on what I have written.

My first poem ever was on PTSD

I thought Vietnam was the conflict

But it was just the seed

Buried deep, taking root

Spreading like a weed

To dominate my subconscious

Until the time was right

To break thru the surface

The start of sleepless nights

Ode to Elections

We are Congress and the President

We have only one main care

That is to get re-elected

And there's no need to play fair

The truth it is not matter

It isn't even relevant

All the is important is

Are you a Donkey or an Elephant

We really didn't;t mean to put

Your budget out of sight

And it was that other guy

Who passed that law you did not like

We know that it is possible

That you might have some contempt

Because from all the laws we pass

We make ourselves exempt

But never mind social security

Healthcare or the war

More important is our election

To at least one term more

I wrote the above about decades ago .Think much has changed ?

That is all for now. I want to hit publish and see what happens

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